Happiness is Making Progress

My lack of control over my eating has been the source of great frustration and unhappiness for me for a very long time. I have been working out at an expensive, women’s-only small group gym that has a personal trainer for every four women and had been getting nowhere with my weight. It wasn’t the gym’s fault either. My muscles have been getting toned; I can see muscles in places where I had never, ever felt any before and under half an inch of fat on my belly, I can feel rock-hard abs. I was building the muscles…only, they were hidden under a thin cover of fat.

My nutrition plan is simple:

  • Eat good food
  • Eat smaller portions
  • Eat a balanced meal
  • Eat until full, not stuffed
  • Drink lots of water

I have stuck to my diet/nutrition plan well these past 10 days — including the weekend — and already I have been rewarded. Last week I was down 2 lbs and 1% body fat. Granted, the body fat must have taken longer than a week to disappear (1% is quite a bit, after all) but it was nice to see the change after I started following the rules again. I felt immensely gratified.

Today, since Monday is weigh-in day for me, I got up on the scale without any dread. I had nothing to fear today. I had made good choices all weekend. However, I wasn’t expecting anything to have changed either. I had just weighed in on Thursday, after all. It had been just 3 days. But lo and behold, I was 2 lbs lighter! 

So, the tally so far is: 10 days, 4 lbs and 1% body fat down. Not bad! 

And, instead of feeling deprived, or resentful, I feel happy. No, I feel marvellous! I feel proud of myself. I feel at peace that I am doing something to take the weight off my poor knees, one of which has already been through surgery. I am making an investment in my health.

Now…all I must do is keep with it. ONE. DAY. AT. A. TIME. 

Happiness is Making Progress


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