Off to a Bad Start

I’ve got a zit — an actual pimple! — on my chin. And, it gets worse: there’s another one growing right next to it. It’s like my chin is sprouting its very own Twin Towers. Argh! Getting pimples at my age — or any age past college — is so embarrassing. I’m seriously considering putting a Band Aid over them, right beneath my lips, tomorrow morning so nobody sees them. A Band Aid across my face has to be less embarrassing than the Zit Twin Towers. Right?

I’m probably getting zits because I cannot remember when I ate a vegetable since our dinner out on December 30. I seem to recall eating 3 bananas (in 3 days, mind you), but not a single vegetable or anything that contains any vitamins. Beige and Brown. That’s all I’ve eaten since the morning of December 31. Not a good start indeed. 

And…and, that’s not all either. I have not meditated either. I almost meditated this morning, but K woke up and I decided to go make the dough for Peter Reinhart’s wild rice and onion bread instead.

I’m not done yet. You know what else I did? I spent money eating out. This is supposed to be our year of being frugal, of saving up money, for paying off all our debts and buying our freedom back from the banks. The only silver lining here is that I didn’t use my card. I had cash. I told myself that once the cash in my pocket was up that would be it. No more eating out. Because I wasn’t to pile up any more onto our credit cards. But will it be? Will I be able to curb my eating-out impulses? I sure hope so.

Now for the good stuff: I did go into lab on Friday, January 2 with the resolve of working until all the cloning I had to do was done. It wasn’t easy; it was a feat of immense willpower. I wanted so badly to not go in to work. I knew almost nobody else would be. And I was right! I was the only one there. Everyone else was still on winter break. It was a Friday. I went in at 8 AM and didn’t leave until I had everything done, which was at 2 PM. So, I guess I get some points for that. And I went in yesterday too and worked for another four hours. And today, I commuted 45 minutes each way to pull my plates out of the incubator and put them away — a job that, if done slowly, would take me 2 minutes. Usually a friend who lives near lab does this for me on weekends. But all my friends are away. On winter break. So I had to come in.

And then of course, there’s the wild rice and onion bread I’m baking. I am so looking forward to it. It is supposedly Peter Reinhart’s second most popular bread from his very famous old Sonoma Valley bakery from before he moved to Providence, RI. I cannot wait to see how mine turns out. Pity I will not be able to do the slow, overnight first rise for want of time. I need this bread and I need it tonight because K needs bread for his lunch sandwich tomorrow.

Oh, and there’s the roast chicken and stuffing soup that I made from — yes, you guessed it — leftover roast chicken and stuffing that turned out heavenly and will generate six meals for two people from one $8 chicken. At least that was frugal.

I am going to meditate tonight. Definitely. Will post here if I did or didn’t. I will though. Positively.

Off to a Bad Start

2 thoughts on “Off to a Bad Start

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